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Relays with contact info email:tor[]azathoth.zip memory:32768 virtualization:baremetal os:debian tls:openssl ciissversion:2 trafficacct:unmetered xmr:83SL7QqLQ2dGJuZwh6kD5wVAMamKS4RQZ8rJxTTt1FZhJs8NKVfiv97cTBpMLUBvyciC5nQehZipJ28UjszRtWpG1SE7mLo are responsible for ~31.13 MB/s of traffic, with 1 middle relay.

Nickname Contact Bandwidth IP Address AS Number AS Name Country Platform Flags First Seen
Azathoth cf53134d 31.13 MB/s AS16276 OVH SAS United States of America Linux Fast Guard HSDir Running Stable V2Dir Valid 2023-07-03